LAX Courthouse

Airport Courthouse
11701 S. La Cienega, Los Angeles, CA 90045

Felony and misdemeanor arrests made in Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, Westchester, and the surrounding LAX area, will get filed in Airport Courthouse.  Domestic Violence charges for Penal Code 273.5 commonly known as spousal or domestic abuse, can be filed by the District Attorney or the City Attorney in Airport Courthouse.  If the case is filed by the District Attorney, it is a felony. If the case is filed by the City Attorney, it is a misdemeanor. The City Attorney’s office has hearing officers that will determine whether to file a misdemeanor domestic violence case or set it for an informal hearing. Therefore, during the pre-filing stages of a domestic violence arrest, hiring a qualified attorney may prevent criminal charges from being filed by having an informal hearing with the City Attorney’s Office.  If you are facing a felony or misdemeanor case in Airport Courthouse, call Attorney Arthur Khachatourians for a defense consultation.

Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office – Airport Branch

Located on the 6th Floor, Room 601

Phone: (310) 727-6500


Santa Monica City Attorney’s Office – Airport Branch

Located on the 4th Floor Room 491/Room 493

Phone: (310) 725-0960

Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office – Airport Branch

Located on the 4th Floor

Phone: (310) 202-3800

Department 30 (310) 725-3040

Department 31 (310) 725-3041

Department 70 (310) 725-3096

Department 71 (310) 725-3097


Departments in Airport Courthouse

Department 72 (310) 725-3098

Department 73 (310) 725-3043

Department 80 (310)725-3015

Department 81 (310) 725-3090

Department 82 (310) 725-3042

Department 83 (310) 725-3091

Department 90 (310) 725-3044

Department 92 (310) 725-3046

Department 93 (310) 725-3047