Bench Warrants

If the defendant fails to appear in court on the date of his or her court appearance, the acting magistrate, judge or commissioner in Los Angeles Superior Court, will issue a bench warrant for the Defendant’s arrest.  Whether the bench warrant is served in Los Angeles County or in another county, the police officer who detains the Defendant, must arrest the defendant and bring him before the court. (See Penal Code 1199.) A bench warrant is served by the judge or commissioner in any county in California in the same manner as a warrant for an arrest. (See Penal Code 1198.)  Bench warrants can be issued for any of the following instances:

  • Failing to Provide the Court with Proof of Completion of Probationary Terms;
  • Failing to Provide Proof of Enrollment;
  • Failing to complete community service, community labor, or pay fines and fees;
  • Failing to complete the PC1000 or any other diversionary program; or
  • Failing to appear in court for Arraignment, Pre-trial, Preliminary Hearing, Restitution Hearing or Trial

If you failed to appear in court or failed to complete your probationary requirements in a timely manner, there may be a bench warrant issued for your arrest. If you get pulled over, the detaining officer will arrest you and take you into custody.  It is imperative that you clear your failure to appear and quash your bench warrant.  The Khachatourians Law Group has the experience on successfully quashing bench warrants, dismissing failure to appears, and successfully expunging your criminal case.  Arthur Khachatourians is a seasoned attorney who primarily practices throughout the various courthouses in Los Angeles county, including but not limited to, CCB, Van Nuys Court, LAX Court, Pasadena Court, Glendale Court, Burbank Court, and Inglewood Courthouse.