Dog Fighting – Penal Code 597.5

The Los Angeles Animal Cruelty Task Force investigates and prosecutes any person who:

Owns, possesses, keeps, or trains any dog, with the intent for exhibition of fighting with another dog;

Causes any dog to fight with another dog for amusement or aids and abets in that act; or

Who is knowingly present, as a spectator, at any place, building, or tenement where preparations are being made for an exhibition of the fighting of dogs, with the intent to be present at those preparations.

Dog fighting can be punishable under Penal Code 597.5 as a felony or misdemeanor. The punishment may vary from 16 months, or two or three years in state prison, county jail, or by a fine not to exceed fifty thousand dollars ($50,000), or by both that fine and imprisonment


(1)  The use of dogs in the management of livestock pursuant to the Food and Agricultural Code

(2)  The use of dogs in hunting as permitted by the Fish and Game Code.

(3)  The training of dogs or the use of equipment in the training of dogs for any purpose for law enforcement or lawful purpose.

Arrests are made in Los Angeles and San Bernardino county for pit bulls and other dog fights. If you are under investigation for participating in a dog fighting exhibition, call the Khachatourians Law Group for a defense consultation.