Early Termination of Probation in Los Angeles

Penal Code 1203.3 allows a judge to modify, revoke, reinstate, and terminate probation during the defendant’s probationary period.  Circumstances and events may change in a person’s life that warrant modification or early termination of probation.  For instance, the defendant may become pregnant and unable to complete the community labor. A judge may feel that the probationer completed enough hours to modify the probationary term to a fine.  Circumstances may change in a defendant’s life that will require an attorney to file a motion requesting the court to terminate the defendant’s probation early.  The defendant may be facing deportation, unable to work as a result of the probationary terms, unable to travel, or effected from obtaining governmental funding or participate in government programs.  Generally, if the defendant has paid the restitution and court fees in full, has not violated probation, demonstrates good conduct and reform, and has completed his or her community service or community labor, the judge will consider terminating probation early if half the length of probation has been completed.  If you require filing an early termination of probation pursuant to Penal Code 1203.3, call Attorney Arthur Khachatourians.  Once your probation has been terminated, the defendant then may reduce the felony to a misdemeanor (if applicable) and expunge his case pursuant to Penal Code 17b and Penal Code 1203.4. 
Courthouses where Mr. Khachatourians has successfully filed Early Termination of Probation, Reduction to Misdemeanor, and/or Expungement pursuant to Penal Code 17b, 1203.3, and Penal Code 1203.4 are: 
Torrance Courthouse, LAX (Airport) Courthouse, Van Nuys Courthouse, Glendale Courthouse, Burbank Courthouse, El Monte Courthouse, Inglewood Courthouse, Pasadena Courthouse, Criminal Courts Building, San Fernando Courthouse, Alhambra Courthouse, West Covina Courthouse.
If you need an early termination of your probation, reduction, and/or expungement for immigration, travel, employment, or licensing purposes, call attorney Arthur Khachatourians for a defense evaluation.