Offering False Evidence – Penal Code 132

California Penal Code 132 states that “Every person who upon any trial, proceeding, inquiry, or investigation whatever, authorized or permitted by law, offers in evidence, as genuine or true, any book, paper, document, record, or other instrument in writing, knowing the same to have been forged or fraudulently altered or ante-dated, is guilty of felony.”  If a defendant knowingly offers into evidence any document that is fraudulent may be found guilty of the crime of offering false evidence. This is very difficult to prove as the prosecutor has to show that the defendant actual knew that the evidence was false.  Other similar instances may be planting evidence, creating evidence, falsifying evidence, or destroying evidence. Penal Code 135 and Penal Code 141 separately make it a crime to destroy or plant evidence.  If you are charged with the crime of offering false evidence, call the Khachatourians Law Group for a defense consultation.